Welcome to the new Systematix Community Portal!

Our team created this new section of our website to better share all the great experiences, myriad viewpoints and relevant goings on here at Systematix. It’s a little overdue, but all great things take time (at least that’s what we told ourselves!), and we hope to make it a key component of our online strategy.

Some of the things you’ll be able to see here, once we really get going, will be:

  • White papers and editorial opinions written by our more than 800 consultants! Our goal is to provide them a venue to publish their views and create a greater sense of community in our consultancy.
  • Fun Social Media references and general updates on what’s happening at Systematix
  • Press Releases and Email Archives of our successes and past broadcasts
  • Articles and General Information about Systematix and our consulting practice
  • Editorial Opinions by Systematix staff, on things we think you’ll find helpful. Also, if you have interesting thoughts you think the greater consulting community would appreciate, we’d love to hear them too!
  • Interviews and Information from highly respected members of our Client Community

The concept behind our Community Strategy, is simply this… let’s bring the country’s most respected boutique consulting firm (btw, that’s us!), closer to its clients and consultants. In future days, we’re planning to provide a consultant/client only portal that will allow our consultants to communicate with each other, share experiences and update their client mandates, away from the prying eyes of the general public (and public search engines!)– but Community is a good first step.

In our over 40 years of IT Consulting, we’ve learned a thing or two about great engagements; the biggest by far is ‘Great Communication’. Systematix Community is our platform for great communication (well that and a little invention called the telephone).

Please check in every so often to see what we’re up to, and send any thoughts to community@systematix.com.

We look forward to engaging with you!

Terry Smith
Managing Partner